Sunday 3rd Feb 2019

Learn how to share your passion for yoga
and to embody the modern wisdom of this ancient tradition


“There abides deep within our hearts an inextinguishable flame of Divine light, love and life that never goes out…this spiritul flame of the heart is struggling to emerge…seeking the light from which it has come. Its development is the very purpose of our existence.”    David Frawley


At the deepest level we want to be happy and to feel connected. This connection gives meaning to everything, and Yoga is one of the most effective tools to achieve this.

Grasp a unique opportunity to explore your yoga path with one of Sydney’s most-respected and longest-established teacher-training schools to find happiness and connection in your life.

Develop your personal practice and understanding of yoga while learning how to teach yoga with our passionate teachers in a safe, supportive environment.

Here are 5 results to expect based on the past 15 years we’ve offered this course

  1. Our Yoga Teacher Training course is nationally registered with YOGA AUSTRALIA  and I.Y.T.A (International Yoga Teachers’ Association)
  2. You will qualify as a nationally recognized ‘Level 1 Yoga Teacher ’ with YogaAustralia
  3. Each of our teaching faculty has many years’ experience of yoga, are all senior level yoga teachers with Yoga Australia and relish this opportunity to work in-depth with our trainee-teachers over the course of a year.
  4. You’ll be ready to teach and brimming with yoga insights and wisdom when you graduate
  5. Your own yoga practice and your outlook on life will change for ever -for the better!


Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training: what to expect

Yoga adjust 4 croppedThis is a ‘non-denominational’ yoga course, training you in the broad tradition of Classical Hatha Yoga. You will explore elements of several popular styles of asana practice without favouring any one style as you are guided to develop your own individual style best suited to your needs.

Our core values emphasize safety and an individualized approach over dogma, and we encourage you to explore your own practice and experience of yoga.

Fasten your seat-belt and get ready to transform your yoga and your life!

Personalized supervision

Yoga adjust 1 croppedOur course is for a minimum of 420 hours over a 12-month period. This includes individual sessions and a mentoring program to assist in real classes. We find this an ideal format to help integrate your yoga skills and principles into real, daily life – on the mat, at work and at home! (Like Yoga Australia we do not endorse short-term or ‘deep-immersion’ training courses and only offer 12-month part-time options to allow time for this process to occur.)

Our 12 month Hatha Yoga Teacher-Training Course will deliver you four immediate outcomes:

  • Intensify and clarify your personal yoga practice
  • Gain a recognized national qualification
  • Qualify to get indemnity insurance
  • Gain real yoga teaching experience and be ready to teach.


Our teaching faculty are national leaders in yoga teaching standards, with many years’ experience. Our course exceeds all criteria required for recognition by “Yoga Australia“…Meet your Yoga Teaching Faculty HERE


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Yoga Teacher Training at Qi: What’s Involved

  • 420 hours part-time study
  • Three 10 week study terms on Sundays during school term times
  • Plus 7 ‘special needs’ workshops
  • 6 day residential retreat
  • Student- teaching experience at Qi studios and in the community
  • Minimum of 11 individual sessions with the teaching faculty
  • Supervised teaching, apprenticeships with the teachers and practical experience in adjusting students in class.
  • Anatomy & Physiology training (30 Hours)
  • Inspiring group dynamics and support
  • Additional reading, assignments, class attendance and student-teaching opportunities in your own time make the total course content closer to 600 hours of specialized training.


Beachside Yoga Teacher Training Location

All group sessions are held at Qi Freshwater (Corner of Moore Road and Albert Street). Our yoga space is light, spacious and near the beach! Free on-street parking outside the studio.
The retreat is held just outside Sydney.


Term Dates for 2019:

  • Term 1: Sundays February 3 – April 7 (10 sessions)
  • Term 2: April 28 – July 7 (11 weeks)
  • Term 3: July 21 – Sept 22 (10 weeks)
  • Retreat: September 24 – 29 Residential Retreat
  • Term 4: October 13 – November 24
  • 1st Aid: December 1 (optional)
  • Graduation: Sunday December 8


Did you know these Qi teachers are graduates of our teacher training?


Total Investment/On-Line Registration:
Payment term by term: total $6575
Installments option: total $6750 (4 installments per term)


Sunday 3rd Feb 2019 To Sunday 8th Dec 2019
10:00 am - 4:30 pm


Qi Freshwater studio


Early Bird $6225 (payment in full by December 31st 2018)
Payment term by term: total $6575
Installments option: total $6750 (4 instalments per term)

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I can say hand on heart, it was the best decision I ever made – Learning how to be authentic & true to myself and how to truly live life with utter passion. I gifted this experience to myself, and to teach what I love wholeheartedly will be my absolute pleasure


“To me, it has been a life changing journey; the valuable journey guided by you and Qi teachers cannot be measured by $$. I believe that I have invested very wisely in 2014….this is the end of the beginning!”


“It is hard to imagine that over a month has passed since our course concluded. Rather than time having a diminishing factor our gratitude and respect grows by the day.
How fortunate we are that such a wonderful course exists – and that we have had mentors who have not only shared their knowledge with dedication but given their heart to all the students who have been lucky enough to undertake the journey. Keiko and I had originally only thought to do the first term but the surrounding warmth and gifted teaching really made the decision of continuing so much easier.”

Leon & Keiko

“What I want to say is how much support I feel there is from the teachers at Qi whilst on the  course and that it makes it a special experience in many ways.  Thank you.”


“Yoga has completely changed me. That year last year just was so good for me. No newagey stuff, but just feel so much more comfortable in my skin. Thanks for helping me find my way! “


“Throughout this whole entire year, I think I always ‘hoped’ that yoga and teaching was something I might be able to do. Up until that point I had never even entertained the thought of pursuing my yoga further. I think I got caught up in the (incorrect) idea that you had to be ‘perfect’ to be a yoga teacher (so much for my projections – holding teachers up on a pedestal! I wish I had read Donna Farhi earlier)! so never even considered it. I wasn’t aware that I was already perfect. So I am very grateful to you and Nik and Joan and Janice for emphasising that point. Although I obviously haven’t done any other teacher training programs, I get the feeling that this total acceptance of who you are and being true to yourself is something very unique.

I feel very fortunate and lucky to have the support and kindness of you and the other teachers on this course. I can only imagine how much more difficult this last few months would have been had I not been doing this course, and struggling through on my own. Yes I have my family and friends but it has been really great to be able to talk to such compassionate people who have had experience with depression first hand, and in conjunction with the change in my own thoughts and beliefs as a result of this years study it has made this experience more bearable.”

Name withheld