Tuesday 8th Jan 2019

In this busy, modern world of endless activities and distractions, experts agree kids need to be taught the skills of mindfulness in order to thrive.

These creative workshops have been especially designed to give kids these skills of awareness and to promote self-expression, confidence, creativity, resilience, focus and calm. The afternoons are imaginative, high-energy and fun, as well as educational and relaxing. Each workshop includes yoga, games, mindfulness, meditation, reflection and the creation of an awesome craft to take home.


Mindful Magnet Labyrinths

Children will create their own super cool magnet labyrinth, which they’ll follow by carefully guiding the way with one magnet underneath and one above. Life-size labyrinths have been used since ancient times across the world as a mindfulness meditation and represent the journey of the self inward. This workshop will focus on slowing down to enjoy the moment and connecting to the wisdom we have within. No matter what life throws at us, we can always come back to that.

Calming Wind Chimes

Using glass beads and natural materials, the kids will mindfully create a wind chime to hang at home, threading the beads in time with their breath. This workshop will focus on grounding through the five senses, showing the children how to get out of their minds and into their bodies in the present moment. They’ll also learn how to recognise emotions in their bodies and come away with a number of mindful coping strategies to help them calm their big feelings.

Confident Superheroes

Promoting self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence and inner strength, this workshop will help children become aware of themselves by identifying their strengths and creating themselves as superheroes. Ages 4-7 will make a mask and shield, while ages 8-12 will make a self-representing superhero puppet. They’ll also create their own superhero motto or affirmation and learn how to connect to their inner power.


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Mindful Magnet Labyrinths, Ages 4-7, Tue 8th Jan

Mindful Magnet Labyrinths, Ages 8-12, Thur 10th Jan

Calming Wind Chimes, Ages 4-7, Tue 15th Jan

Calming Wind Chimes, Ages 8-12, Thur 17th Jan

Confident Superheroes, Ages 4-7, Tue 22nd Jan

Confident Superheroes, Ages 8-12, Thur 24th Jan


Cancellation up to 48 hours prior to event date is possible subject to a $5 cancellation fee. Less than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is only possible if we can fill your place from a wait-list.


Tuesday 8th Jan 2019
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm




Cost: $40 ($35 earlybird until Dec 10)

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Here’s what people said about Liz’s previous workshops:

These school holidays the kids have done a mix of activities from cheerleading camp, tennis, and robotics, through to bowling, movies, and water slides. They had fun at them all, however I’ve never seen my kids more content than when they came out of the yoga/meditation/mindfulness workshop with Liz at Like a Lotus. They loved the yoga and mindfulness activities, and making the ‘Eyes of God’ (the four ends of the sticks represent the four natural elements earth, air, fire and water) was a highlight. Your kids are never to young to learn how to have inner peace 🙏”

Mummy Mojo

“Dylan absolutely loved the Happiness Workshop you led. He was beaming all afternoon and talked about it for days afterwards. I was really taken with what a positive impact the workshop had on him. You definitely brought something magical into his first experience of yoga and today said he wanted to go to every one of the holiday workshops every holidays!!! Which is saying a lot as Dylan is usually quite reserved about things and often very tentative about trying new activities.”


“It was really laid back and relaxed. Liz didn’t boss us around at all and she gave us lots of choices… She was calm, happy and funny.”

Skye, 10

“Both my girls went along not really knowing what to expect. The younger one of the two was quite unsure and not keen but was convinced to give it a go. When I picked my girls up, they were beaming! They couldn’t stop talking about what a wonderful experience they had. They also told a few of their friends who were keen to come along to the next session. I really loved how they took home something new with each session.”


“The word ‘yoga’ put fear into my 11-year-old, lego-loving, first-year high schooler. However. . . his exact words when asked how it was, were ‘It’s Brilliant!’. Liz is fantastic”


“The yoga was so enjoyable – both challenging individually and with team building exercises. Thank you for such an inspiring afternoon Liz”