‘Functional Movement in Yoga’ Workshop with Murray Hatton

Saturday 29th Apr 2017

Life offers us the gift of experiencing such vast differences in the way we move. Our unique physical structure, histories, freedoms and limitations all create our personal experience of life.

Fully embodying our own unique physiology and  movement patterns is paramount to enjoying a safe, healthy, confident and enjoyable experience of your body and mind both on, and off the yoga mat.

This knowledge also acts as a gateway to understanding how every movement we execute in life either serves us positively, or can be potentially harmful.

In this workshop, Muz will guide you through a deeper discovery of the fundamental do’s and dont’s for the most common of human movements.  We will get the opportunity to analyse and learn from each other’s patterns of movement, thus bringing forth a refreshed confidence and knowledge to each of our personal practises.

You will learn:

  • The correct, functional and safe patterns of movement that constitute most general movement patterns
  • The benefits and potential risks involved in all of these patterns
  • Techniques to modify your yoga practice to suit you as an individual
  • Practical ways to further understand your own personal experiences when practising and how to gauge your form and progress
  • To incorporate these teachings into your experience on and off the mat

‘Functional Movement In Yoga’ is a fun, interactive and practical workshop that encompasses comprehensive physical exploration, theory and philosophy with plenty of time reserved for questions, conversation and connection.

This event is open to all levels of experience and is highly recommended for yoga teachers and teachers of all other movement modalities.
It is a must for anyone working with injury or specific limitation.

About Murray Hatton:

Murray (a.k.a ‘Muz’) has been a yoga practitioner, teacher, educator and yoga therapist for over 20 years. He has been a senior teacher and teacher trainer in some of the most established yoga studios in Sydney. Muz has evolved his teaching into a modern day approach of intelligent movement in vinyasa that caters to all levels.

Muz established his private multi-modality practice in 2004, specialising in injury rehabilitation, stress and trauma transformation and rehabilitation. He treats each of his clients on a holistic and individual basis, employing a combination of treatment modalities.


Saturday 29th Apr 2017
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Qi Freshwater Studio


$70 Full Price
$60 early bird for bookings before April 13

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