Dreamtime Full moon Yoga: Earth Heart Renewal

Friday 16th Aug 2019

Float with us through another 2 hours of restorative yoga, pranayama (breathwork) and guided meditation with Tracy Chambers accompanied by the sublime vibrations of didgeridoo (yidaki), djembe drum, singing bowl with Scott Romain. Accompanying us on the journey is John Coleman with the dreamy soundscape of Handpan.

Join us on this Libran Fullmoon for an immersion into the your heart and the heart of our home, the Earth.
Emerge deeply renewed and with a full warrior heart. This is a divine experience not to be missed


We live in difficult times where our hearts may break on a daily basis witnessing the disrespect inflicted upon our home. This deeply unsettles us on a heart and spirit level. Environmental fatigue is real. The problems we face are of a magnitude no one has seen in previous generations. You may find yourself regularly experiencing feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm, sensing that all you do is still not enough.

But rest assured Dear One, hope is far from lost. In fact, we each hold the power to influence the energy of the planet. When generated in a collective, the results are beyond our wildest imaginings and we too are healed in the process. After all, we and the Earth are one and the same ♥

In this 2 hour immersion we will connect to the divine and fill the belly of our hearts. Mend the broken places from the infinite well of love. From this fullness we will engage in a powerful process to connect to the essence of life and direct these energies to support peace and healing for humanity and our home.

♥ All welcome ♥

** As with previous events, part proceeds go to Take 3 For The Sea for their tireless work in educating the masses on the impact of plastic pollution on our ocean ecosystems.

Cancellation up to 48 hours prior to event date is possible subject to a $5 cancellation fee. Less than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is only possible if we can fill your place from a wait-list.


So who are we?….Tracy and Scott share a 25 year friendship based on mutual respect, many life adventures and co-creating together.

Tracy is passionate about teaching and practicing yoga and the path of personal responsibility for health and wellbeing. Her interest in indigenous culture started young and was inspired by time spent living with remote indigenous communities in Arnhem Land and Gove in NT and in remote north of Western Australia. Her other passion is fostering care for our home, planet Earth. As a Marine and Freshwater Ecologist and ocean-lover she works closely with communities to foster nature rejuvenation projects.

Scott is a spirited Didge player raising his own awareness with indigenous culture. He is truly respectful of tribal lore. Being raised by the ocean & the bush has given him a deep appreciation of nature. Scott has been exploring meditation for the past 25 years and more recently using the sounds of Drum, Yidaki (Didgeridoo) & Singing Bowl leading to a profound and moving experience.

The birth of Dreamtime Yoga and Didgeridoo events in 2015 has been a natural evolution of the work Tracy and Scott have done together and as individuals for many years ♥


Friday 16th Aug 2019
7:30 pm - 9:15 pm


Qi Freshwater studio



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