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A night of reconciliation for all women. Rediscover your divinity and grace as a women through Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Meditations and a Sound Journey.

Relaxing yoga set to beautiful chants and live music by Kylie and her father. Just right for nourishing the soul through voice and sound.

A life lived with an Open Heart is a life of deeper connection, contentment, peace and happiness. We'll be working with some back-bending asanas (postures) in order to free up the spine, and use sound vibrations to tap into the energetic area of Anahata.

Revise and refresh your CPR skills for valid 1st Aid certification.

Nurture your relationship with your daughter with Creativity, Mindfulness & Connection

At last Nadav will share his vibrant kirtan with us at Qi. Well known to the E. Suburbs Ashtanga and Yoga community this is his first visit North of the bridge. Expect haunting and traditional chants to inspire devotion and spirit in the run up to Xmas!

Full day training to achieve 1st Aid certification with senior trainer and yoga teacher Steve Allan

Last time in 2017. Join The Shamanic Journey for a ceremony that opens the space to enter a powerful meditative state.

Your chance to meet teachers and students from this year's Teacher Training course, ask the questions you want and get a real insight to see if this is the course and direction for you in 2018.

A new course for the New Year: Yoga foundations with simple, scientific and honest nutrition advice to help you smash your New Year's health resolutions.

Bring your partner and join pre-natal expert and teacher Mary-Louise for an afternoon to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Nurture yourself and learn how to involve your partner in Labour.

This Yin workshop will Detox and Cleanse you from the overindulging goodness of the festive season!

Transform your yoga and your lifestyle. Nationally-recognized course has nurtured exceptional teachers for over 12 years

Are you new to yoga? Or been practising a while but not sure whether you're doing it right? A welcoming course for all ages, abilities and backgrounds to help you on the right path.

Prepare for Valentine's day, learn juicy new yoga moves with a yoga buddy -or partner- and share ways to practice yoga together. Yoga from the Heart!

BUILD YOUR UPPER BODY STRENGTH: A 2 HOUR PILATES WORKSHOP with Oriana & Tracy for full body strengthening, Myofacial release techniques and practical stretches for home practice.

Gain amazing skill, confidence and understanding to enhance your teaching of new techniques in restorative yoga

Nothing used to frustrate me more than being told "Just relax!" as if it were that easy, Come and learn simple, powerful and delicious yoga postures and techniques that act as a circuit-breaker for stress, anxiety and irritability for even the busiest person. 

Join this anatomy-informed,  50hr Yin Yoga Practice Immersion & Teacher Training over 3 long weekends in March with senior teacher and educator Cora Geroux

Divine and powerful chants and kirtan with Sri Madhava and his band. If you had any plans for the next few hours go ahead and cancel them and make yourself an appointment with the ecstatic chanting of sacred mantras. This is kirtan at its authentic best.

Find divine Balance and inner Grace in a blissful week of Yoga, relaxation and exploration in Bali