Use your brain to change your pain

Blog 1

Sitting has been called the new smoking. Not everybody smokes, but everybody sits. If you think how many hours we sit during a single day, multiply that by seven and again by 52 weeks. That’s a large percentage of our waking hours we spend sitting! Over the course of a Read More

My Yoga Teacher Training Retreat: Part 1

Blog 2

I have spent the last week staying in a Yoga Ashram (which honestly felt like months). I am not going to call it a “Yoga Retreat” because that would imply that this was a holiday. Oh how I was shaken by the hard reality that it was anything but. I Read More

My Yoga Teacher Training Retreat: Part 2

Blog 3

Day 2 At 5am I rush down to the shower block to get ready for my 5:30 yoga class (yes, it’s compulsory). I am agitated, annoyed that everything is rushed, tired because I didn’t get much sleep and after our first 12 hours of Mauna (silence) I feel MAD. Angry. Read More

My Yoga Teacher Training Retreat: Part 3

Blog 4

It’s freezing! So cold that I am writing very slow because I cannot feel my fingers. I decided to get up a little earlier today (4:45am) – yes the world exists at this time and it’s heavenly. It was a much more peaceful beginning to the day for me. I Read More

My Yoga Teacher Training Retreat: Part 4

Blog 5

4:45am – I consider not showering and drifting back into my deep sleep to the point where I actually jump back into bed, but then I quickly decide that this is a bad idea and make my way outdoors into the freezing cold to the shower blocks that are located Read More

My Yoga Teacher Training Retreat: Part 5

Blog 6

So, I’m sitting back in my room getting ready for bed and my roomie is burning a violet and pear candle one of her friends had made, delicious. So you’re probably all wondering how my first official attempt at teaching went!? To be honest I wasn’t even nervous right until Read More

My Yoga Teacher Training Retreat: Last Day

Blog 7

4:45am –For the first time here at the Santayana Ashram I had a full night’s sleep so I didn’t mind getting up before the birds today. I have begun to appreciate how magical this time of morning is. It’s so still, the air is crisp, when it hits your face Read More

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  • Autobiography of a beginner yoga teacher
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  • The Same Old Story….by Charlotte Messervy
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