Can non-stealing lead to abundance? by guest blogger Charlotte Messervy

Blog 1

I’ve finally begun a longtime dream of mine: training to be a yoga teacher. The 420-hour course I am on will run throughout an eleven-month period. It is held on Sundays, which allows me to keep living my life without stopping everything, as well as letting me learn the content Read More

The Cost of Karma: by guest blogger Charlotte Messervy

Blog 2

My boyfriend Mike is an optimist – he believes in the power of positive thinking and takes that belief a step further into action. He feels that with just your positive thoughts, you can manifest change. This is very simple to put into practice.  Depending on your religion, you could Read More

Why Somatic Movement is so Effective in Eliminating Muscular Pain

Blog 3

Yoga and Somatic Movement pioneer Tanya Fitzpatrick is returning to Sydney to offer the first training in this method in July. We asked her to tell us more about what to expect from her training and this method which she has shared around the globe. “One question I get asked all the Read More

What Bananarama taught me about Yoga

Blog 4

In the 1980’s girl band Bananarama teamed up with Fun Boy 3 to produce a catchy little hit which taught me most of what I know about Yoga postures: “it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it… That’s what gets results” Remember it now? This simple mantra Read More

The Tongue Never Lies

Blog 5

While we might let slip a few white lies across our tongue from time to time, the surface of our tongue can’t help but speak the truth. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, the tongue is considered the emissary of the digestive tract. I like thinking of it Read More

Stoke Your Digestive Fire with Morgan

Blog 6

When ever I feel bloated, heavy or like my gut just isn’t processing well I know it’s a sign that I need to cleanse — and that simply means taking pressure off of my digestion. Giving a break to the digestive tract underpins all cleanses or detoxes — because when Read More

Yoga Safety and Alignment – Tips for your Wrists

Blog 7

Continuing our short video series on alignment and safety cues, Qi founder Mark O’Brien shows you how to protect your wrists. In Yoga we put a lot of weight on our wrists so it’s important to place your hands carefully on the floor; there’s a good way and a bad Read More

Yoga Safety and Alignment – Tips for your Hips

Blog 8

Continuing our short video series on alignment and safety cues, Qi founder Mark O’Brien teaches how to improve your lunges with open hips and straight knees. Many people struggle with keeping their hips steady, strong and open especially in poses like side angle pose. The best place to start with Read More

Yoga Safety and Alignment- for your Neck & Shoulders

Blog 9

In our short video series on alignment and safety cues, Qi founder Mark O’Brien shows you how to find ease and protect your neck and shoulders in a really common pose – downward dog. Many people struggle with it because they don’t know what to do with their shoulders, arms Read More

Relieve pain and release muscular tension in ground-breaking movement education that retrains postural and movement patterns

Blog 10

From experience we know that yoga makes you stronger, more flexible, healthier, and more aware, but over the years our practice also causes movement habits. Every time we practice, we contract our muscles habitually to move our bones into the shape of the asana. This lays down muscle memory, which Read More

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